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Frequently Asked Questions On Our Services And Products

Question: Do you offer shipping services?

Answer: We ship our products to various countries around the world.
And, what's catchy about our shipping offer is that we do it for free.

Question: What sorts of accessories can I purchase from your wholesale cell phone accessories site?

Answer: We have an extensive assemblage of accessories, from fashionable phone protective gear, long-lasting batteries, on the road earphones, chargers (with wires and wireless), phone photo handy tools, to signal boosters, we have it all.

Question: Can I get a large supply of accessories for my accessories business?

Answer: Our accessory store can handle all kinds of orders small or large any time.
As such, you can be confident that your business will never run out of stock as you can make your order whenever it runs out.

Question: How can I place an order on your website?

Answer: Well our wholesale cell phone accessories site makes placing orders easy and secure.
Follow these few easy steps.

  • Choose your item of choice and click on selectbutton.
  • Click the buy now button on the product detail page.
  • You can then choose to either checkout or continue shopping.
  • Once you are through with your accessories shopping, follow the checkout steps, and we will immediately send you an email.

You can then confirm your order and order number Besides, if you would like to make your request via phone, please feel free to call our number anytime

Question: I'm having trouble placing an order. What should I do?

Answer: If you've followed all the simple steps of placing an order on our site and still get a technical difficulty, please call our helpline.
We have a customer care team that's always ready to give you any assistance 24 hours a day seven days of the week.
You can also get our email on ou contact us icon and get in touch with us. We always have someone that will answer all your queries.

Question: I ordered a charger on your website. What does MFi Certified mean?

Answer: Well, MFi stands for Made for iPhone/iPad. Generally, the MFi label means that your product has been approved and made to be compatible with Apple devices.

Question: For how long should I expect my new device battery to last?

Answer: Usually, battery time will vary according to your usage and the battery itself. But, you can quickly get more information about your battery on your battery guide.

Question: How will I find an accessory online that I saw in an advert?

Answer: You can simply use the search feature on our website by entering the keyword or item number.

Question: How secure is my identity once I use my information on your website?

Answer: We use an up-to-date, secure e-commerce technology that safeguards all data entered on our site.
Also, we have a business client confidentiality that we honor.
So, you don't have to fret about your personal information being shared with third parties.

Question: Do you add new products for new devices often?

Answer: We have a good rapport with manufacturers of various devices and thus any innovations made in the cell phone world, we are restocked with their new accessories.
Also, we do promotions of any new products. So, you can always check back with us for new products.

Question: How do I determine my device's model?

Answer: You can directly check at the back of your device for model number listed. Then, search online for your device model type using that number.
You can also search for your device model on our wholesale cell phone accessories site.

Question: In case my shipment gets lost, what should I do?

Answer: Please call our helpline in the event of a consignment loss, and we'll gladly help.

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