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Top tips on how to choose mobile charger — 3 Comments

  1. Even buying phone accessories nowadays is suited to internet commerce. With fast-charging, purchases really can change the way you use your phone, which is why so many of us are going online and looking at the reviews for items as basic as cables. The phone accessory market is rapidly growing yet there does not seem to be a market leader because companies can appear out of nowhere to feed a hungry audience. I get the feeling that sooner or later the market will become so saturated that a market leader will emerge and begin, like Apple, to dictate the purchases of the market.

  2. Thanks for the really well written informative blog with complete guide you have shared! Also, it is very important that for mobile phones and other mobile devices that charge with USB, the voltage is typically 5V. However, for laptop charger it might be as high as 20V or 25V. But I want to buy a Portable USB Charger for my Samsung S6 mobile. Can you plz tell me what specification I need to see when to buy portable charger?

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