It’s safe for you to moniker Shenzhen as a gadget paradise.
Generally, it’s arguably one of the world’s biggest assembly halls’ as far as electric devices are concerned.
If you are in search of anything that can sound, light, or read words and numerals, then Shenzhen is the place for you.
Today, it’s a favorite spot for many business people intending to purchase products for their businesses at incredibly lower prices.
So, a decision to shop at Shenzhen for all your wholesale mobile phone accessories may be the best you’ve ever made.

However, as we can all agree, it can sometimes be overwhelming visiting and doing business in a place that’s new to you.
More so, when there’s some language barrier.
With this in mind, we take the liberty of giving you an insight into the dos and the don’ts during your business trip in Shenzhen and a comprehensive business guide that will help you as a foreigner or newbie to maneuver through this ever busy gadget world.

Business Guide Shenzhen

Well, a majority of people and firms that have had the opportunity to get their supplies from Shenzhen end up never considering getting their electronic goods from any other place.
As such, now that you’ve also decided to pop in and have a taste of this raved business hub, below are a few things that you should put into consideration for a quick and fruitful trip:

Get a Business Guide/Translator

Shenzhen futian

Shenzhen futian

Basically, good communication is key to the success of any business transaction.
As such, it may be crucial for you to hire a business guide who understands the marketplace and the town at large.
Fortunately, getting a guide with a vast knowledge of Shenzhen’s market structure is as easy as ABC.
There are several interpreters available online who charge very little and are efficient in various languages.
Hiring one may be vital as they may enable you to;

– Save time

– Negotiate products

– Take you to the best places to purchase various products

– Advice and give solutions

– Built a long-term rapport for future services

– Offer accurate communication that will aid you to reduce any mistakes

Shenzhen Malls and Suppliers



This city is famous for its many wholesale cell phone and electronic device vendors.
Being a mega city full of malls and stores, you may be spoilt for choice.
As such, below are some of the most renowned stores that you should consider visiting during your stay in Shenzhen;

– SEG Electronic Plaza

– Yuanwang Digital Mall

– Industrial Product Exhibition Center

These are just but a few of the many malls and plazas worth visiting in the region which shelters preeminent traders.
But remember, as you get carried away by the many products available, it may be crucial for you to distinguish between a good and bad supplier.
As such, below are a few tips on choosing an exceptional provider that you may use as you search for one in Shenzhen;

1. Check for certification.

2. Look at the supplier’s scale of operations. This can give you a picture of how many deals they’ve had made in this market.

3. Even though the website may not be a clear indication of how good they are, but a well-organized one may be a tip of the iceberg of an organized supplier.

4. Excellent quality management

How to get to Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s proximity to Hong Kong has enabled it to possess some of the most developed transportation systems in China.
You can get a quick route via ferry, bus, or rail. There are numerous ports providing transportation for both cargo and passengers.
You can never hustle to get to the city.

Even though, you may face some difficulty locating a taxi within the city.
But lucky for you, the suppliers have excellent customer service and are even willing to pick you up.
And, if you don’t get what you need at their store, they will go an extra mile and drive you to a competitor’s place.


shenzhen metro 2017

Final Thought

Well, purchasing wholesale cell phone accessories at Shenzhen has never been made easy.
You can always check first online to get the best deals and make arrangements with suppliers before visiting the place.
And, even book an appointment with them for when you take your trip there. Also, adding cream to cake, the city is so close to Hong Kong, a favorite business, and leisure destination.

So, welcome to Shenzhen and have a great business tour!